The Chronology of several events mentioned in the book of Daniel, the way I see them:—bp



606. Daniel led captive to Babylon, chap. 1:1-7.

604. Death of Nabopolassar, father of Nebuchadnezzar.

603. Jehoiakim revolts against Nebuchadnezzar, 2 Kings 24:1.

602. Dream of the compound statue, Daniel 2:1, etc. Daniel and his companions promoted to honor at court. Birth of Cyrus, son of Cambyses and Mandane.

597. Jehoiakim is taken and put to death by the Chaldeans. Jeconiah is raised to his throne, but reigns only three months and ten days. Zedekiah, last king of Judah, succeeds; and reigns eleven years.

586. Taking of Jerusalem, and destruction of the temple, 1 Chronicles 36.

569. Return of Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon after his great conquests in Phoenicia, Judea, Egypt, etc. His dream of the great tree, chap. 4:7, etc.

568. He becomes insane, which lasts for seven years, chap. 4:32, 33.

561. He becomes sane, and re-ascends the throne. The golden image set up. The three Hebrews cast into the fiery furnace, chap. 2: Death of Nebuchadnezzar after a reign of forty-three years, according to Berosus. Evil-Merodach succeeds him, and reigns six years. — Berosus. He sets Jeconiah at liberty, Jeremiah 52:31.

555. Belshazzar his son succeeds, Daniel 7:1. Daniel’s vision of the four beasts, representing the four great empires, chap. vii.

541. Vision of the ram and he-goat, chap. 8: The death of Belshazzer, chap. v.

539. Darius the Mede, called Cyaxares by Xenophon, and Astyages in the Apocrypha, son of Astyages, king of the Medes, and maternal great uncle to Belshazzar, succeeds him in the government of Chaldea, chap. 5:30, 31. See Isaiah 13:1, etc. The visions of Daniel related, chap. 9., 10., 11., 12: Cyrus the Persian is co-ruler with Darius the Mede, chap. 10:1.

538. Daniel is cast into the den of lions, chap. vi.

537. Death of Darius. Cyrus succeeds him.

537. End of the Babylonish captivity declared by Cyrus, in the first year of his reign, 2 Chronicles 36:22, and Ezra 1:1; but afterward interrupted. See below.

520. Darius Hystaspes, gives orders to continue the rebuilding of the temple.

516. Temple completed

458. Ezra returnes to Jerusalem 

445. Commencement of the seventy weeks, chap. 9:24. Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem, Nehemiah 2:1-6.

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