he saw something more important that would allow him to face an uncertain future without knowing all the answers. He had seen God, a God who assured him that He is, indeed God, and who called him to be faithful without having all the answers. God had called him to continue living in Saturday, with the hope of Sunday coming. It is that living in faithful hope beyond ourselves, grounded in nothing but God himself, that finally gives life purpose.

The just shall live by faith, not by faith in God, but faith to God, living the way He wants us to live, looking for and waiting for His return when all the wrongs will be made right….  When satan is no longer in control,  how we are to live in a world that is not in our control and often does not make sense to us



From Worry to Worship


nWhy do the wicked and the dishonest people prosper.  Why do they get elected to Congress or the White House?

nWhy isn’t God doing something?

Habakkuk’s Question (1:2-4)

nWhy does evil go unpunished?  Why do the wicked prosper?  Why doesn’t God do something?

God’s Answer (1:5-11)

nGod is doing something.  He is raising up a foreign nation, the Babylonians, to come and destroy Judah.

Habakkuk’s Response (1:12-2:1)

nBut they are more wicked than we are (1:13)  What will happen to them? (1:17)

nGod’s Answer (2:2-20)

nWrite this answer down...             because it is sure to happen.

nDon't worry about the Babylonians, they will get theirs too. (2:16-17)

Habakkuk's Prayer of Praise

nHe pleads for mercy in the midst of the judgment (1-2).

nHe praises God's majesty and power

nHe promises to wait on the Lord (16-19).


nGod sometimes seems to be inactive, but He is involved.

nGod is holy.  He does not approve evil.

nGod hears and answers prayers.

nGod sometimes gives unexpected answers.

nGod is Just and God is Good.

nThe righteous live by faith and faithfulness. 

Message of Habakkuk

Trust in God when living in the midst of a wicked society because God is in control.

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