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There were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to Christ. Matt. 1: 1 7

Several observations can be made about this remarkable passage of Scripture: 1. God's purpose in the earth is anchored in three men: Abraham, David and Christ. 2. The beginning of God's purpose is Abraham. The end of God's purpose is Christ. 3. The sequence of things is punctuated by a seen-tingly odd occurrence, in the context of events, i.e., the carrying away into Babylon. 4. The emphasis on the number "14" in God's timetable.

Concerning the last observation, it is important to realize the number " 14" does not imply a fixed, literal number of years between each event. That this is true is established by looking up the number of years from Abraham to David (900), David to Babylon (400), and Babylon to Christ (600). Since the number of years spanning each period is different, we cannot divide by 14 in order to arrive at the number of years in a generation. The Bible, therefore, does not assign an actual (literal) number of years to a "generation"; rather, when the Spirit uses "generation" he speaks in a figure, emphasizing the mystery of God's plans in a symbol. For example, the actual number of years from Abraham to David, David to Babylon, and Babylon to Christ, is not important; but the symbol "14" is very important and is therefore strongly emphasized by the Holy Spirit in this passage.


The Spirit of God declares Christ to be the Seed of Abraham and the Offspring of David, the two men to whom Messiah traces his origin, and the two men in whom the foundations of the Kingdom were laid; for the foundations of the Kingdom are Righteousness and Justice, and it was in Abraham that God worked righteousness by faith, and it was in David that God worked justice through Truth. Abraham did not seek righteousness by the Law which came 430 years later; neither did David seek justice through the Law which came 400 years before. They did not proceed in typical religious fashion. These men took an unfamiliar path and their hunger for the deep things of God was unequaled until their Seed appeared in the earth. Hence, Abraham was called "the friend of God", and David was called "a man after God's own heart". Out of these two men came a New Man, whose Life and inheritance we share, if it be that we have the faith of Abraham and David's love of Truth. God help us to see the glory of it all!


Fourteen Generations

What is the meaning of "14" in the language of the Spirit? Consider some examples: Jacob worked 14 years for Rachel; the Passover in Egypt was on the 14th day of the 1st month; the Apostle Paul spent 14 years alone with God after his conversion before returning to Jerusalem. We see, therefore, that "14" represents a period of time of waiting for release.


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