My child the time is not yet but it is approaching.  For behold to obey is better than sacrifice, for as you obey my instructions to you, that, My child, that obedience, will birth into existence that for which you yearn, that which I have promised to you.  For it is as  on a journey.  As you proceed, your needs at the beginning are not the same as they are along the way, nor are they the same along the way as they are at the journey’s end.  So continue along the pathway I have chosen for you and as surely as you do, you, yourself, by your obedience will birth into existence that which I have promised to you.  It has always been that way. 


            When I instructed King Saul about the battle plan, he chose to disobey and lost My blessings for his life.  Had he obeyed, his whole life would have been different.  But instead he listened to those under his authority.  So do not make his mistake.  Do not listen to those around you.  They are not charged with your responsibilities.  Neither are you charged with their responsibilities.  For they, as well as you, are on My Mission.  So you see it is only as each one listens to Me that the mission will be accomplished.  Listen to Me.  I will lead you and guide you.  Do not rush.  I AM in no hurry.  Get out of your hurry.  When it seems that YOU MUST DO SOMETHING, rush to Me – rush to pray.  Then act as I put on your heart the next step and all will be done decently and in order.  That is My way, that is My will.


             The sequences of events in your life are just as important as the end result.  For the end result is dependant upon your doing the sequences of events as they occur.  Therefore remember these words.  King Saul had a choice.  To obey Me or those around him.  I AM the way.  Stay close to Me and I will see you through.  But remember, faith is blind – one day at a time, one step at a time is the prescription for success, fulfillment and accomplishment in My kingdom. 


            Get over the fact that I have chosen you.  You are merely the vehicle through which I wish to accomplish My mission.  Be faithful in what I have called you to do.  Enjoy the journey.  And behold, you will see and learn much on this trip.  And along the pathway of obedience, you, by your faith steps, will birth into existence that for which you have prayed, that for which you have longed, that which I have promised you.


            So you see, My child, faithful obedience is the avenue each must take to birth into existence that which I have called them to do.  Be of good cheer about what I have called you to do.  Be not reluctant to do so.  Reluctance may portend failure.  Reluctance may mean delay and delay may mean another chosen to do the task I have assigned to you.  I will see My projects through to conclusion.  But for you to be a part of My team, you must be faithfully obedient to that which I have called you to do, says the Lord to you this day. 

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