A study of the Bible reveals Christ as its central subject and great theme. What the hub is to the wheel, Christ is to the Bible. It revolves around Him. All its types point to Him, all its truths merge in Him, all its glories reflect Him, all its promises are believable in Him, all its beauties are seen in Him, and all its predictions are grounded in Him.


In the Old Testament He is spoken of as the angel of the Lord, and as such He appeared to men. He was with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

He walked with Enoch all the way to Glory.

He rode with Noah in the Ark.

He ate with Abraham in his desert tent, and ushered Lot out of Sodom.

He went before Abraham's servant to get a wife for Isaac. 

He watched as Isaac reopened the wells that Abraham had dug and the Philistines stopped up.

He stood at the top of Jacob's ladder and told him (and US) I will not leave you until I have done what I said I would do!

At Bethel, He changed Jacob's name to Israel.

He went with Joseph thru all his trials and temptations and then exalted him to a high position in Egypt.

He watched over Moses in the ark of bulrushes, talked to him from the burning bush, went with him before Pharaoh, opened the Red Sea, led him with Fire and a Cloud, then fed him with heavenly food. He kept him young all his 120 years, took him from the plains of Moab to Mount Nebo on top of Pisgah and showed him the promised land. Then kissed him to sleep, buried him in an unmarked grave down in the valley, and probably said "I'll see you soon".

He led Joshua across Jordan in flood tide, and was the Power that caused the walls to fall when he marched around Jericho.

He was with Gideon and his famous 300.

Was with Samson when he died bringing down Dagon's temple.

Walked with Naomi when she brought Ruth to Bethlehem to be King David's great grandmother. He stood by Samuel when He called to him four times, and appointed him to be His prophet.  David said "for You are with me" when he wrote the 23rd Psalm.

He told Solomon to keep His commandments and He would dwell in the temple he was building.

He was driving the chariot of fire that picked up Elijah, and pitched the mantle back to Elisha.

He was in the prayer meeting with Hezekiah and Isaiah,(2chron 32:20), and then sent the angel to defeat Sennacherib and the Assyrian's. fulfilling Matt. 18:19&20, before it was written

He was in the fire with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego, went with Daniel to the lion's den. Showed Ezra how to renew the temple worship at Jerusalem.

Yes, Jesus was with King Artaxerxes (thru Esther his stepmother)when he issued the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem's walls, so, 483 years later He could ride into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, fulfilling Daniel's prophecy. Do you feel Him………. Now?……….. He wants you to.

Get your Bible, read it again. Look for Him in every story and every situation, He's there!!



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